The ancient scriptures and testaments are sacred historical stories before J-C. They were found in the archaeological sites of Qumran (Judea 1947), Nag Hammadi (Lower Egypt 1945), and Abyssinia (Bruce 1774), and now listed in the Libraries of Armenia (Matenadaran), Russia (St. Petersburg), England (British Museum), Italy (Vatican City), France (Paris).

All that believed were together and had all things common
Black plague (Black death):
When the children of Seth descended from the Sacred Mountain to live with the children of Cain and were defiled by their infamy, they were born to them human children of great strength called Garsina (i.e. giants) of which no other giant could match the force (The Conflict of Adam and Eve 3-4). Yersinia pestis: the origin of three pandemics (link)
SETH | The Conflict of Adam and Eve

The Book of Adam and Eve, transl. (Geez, Gadla Adan wa Hewan), rev. Malan 1882 (link)

ENOCH | The Book of Enoch

(1Enoch) transl. (Geez) by prof. Dillmann 1893 (link), integrated with The Book of the Secrets of Enoch (2Enoch or Enoch Slave) transl. (Russian, Bulgarian, Serbian) by prof. Morfill 1896 (link

BARNABI | The Sefer of Jesus

The Gospel of Barnabas revised according to the Qu'ran, Torah, Prophets and Apostles. Annotated on the chronicles of Enoch, the Apostles, and Emmerich.

THOMAS | The Gospels of Thomas

with the Acts of Apostles in Asia. According to manuscripts and fragments in Arabic, Geez, Coptic, Greek, Latin, Syriac, French. In English, The Gospel of the Infancy of Jesus, Acts of the Apostles, Acts ¦ Gospel ¦ Apocalypse ¦ of Thomas

THADDAEUS | The Gospel of Thaddaeus

Translated (Greek) by Grigoriev 2004 (mss Tel al-Faroun Fa197 and codex Edessence θ)

PATRIARCHES, PROPHETS, APOSTLEs | The Apocalypses Apocrypha

According to manuscripts and fragment in Geez, Coptic, French, G erman, Armenian, Irish, Russian, Slavonic, Hebrew.

SIMMA | The poor souls in Purgatory

Austria 1978. Transl. from German, Meine Erlebnisse mit Armen Seelen

In Bouddhism, the Purgatory and hell are called "Naraka". See, Eitel 1904, Hand book of Chinese Buddhism; being Sanskrit-Chinese dictionary with vocabularies of Buddhist terms (Chinese index by Takakuwa), p.105 (link)
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THE HAGUE IINTERNATIONAL TRIBUNAL 2016 - Monsanto VS. Plaintiffs (20) from South America, Africa, Asia, Europe, and witnesses/experts (30) from five continents: " Ecocide does not exist as a recognised crime."
Full report of the hearings: (download)
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Avoid a corneal transplant : My mother's eyes had a severe deficiency or glaucoma that required a corneal transplant, at the risk of becoming blind in the following year. Given the slow pace of the hospital (two years of waiting before the first hospitalization), my mother treated her eyes with her grandmother's method and the problem completely resolved (except for a small cataract from which she was treated the same day). Here is my mother's method of avoiding a corneal transplant: boil water, remove from heat, add a handful of salt. Keep eyelids open over boiled water (three times a day, as long as you can bear). My mother said it was painful at first.

Treat dizziness: Dilute one spoon of green clay in water, morning and evening. It will take two months before its first effect. (Note: this is related to overworked liver, not ears as diagnosed by specialists. Avoid industrial foods and drink filtered or distilled water which contain no element requiring liver effort).

Treat children's otitis naturally : Pour three drops of hydrogen peroxide or peroxide into the ear. Leave on for 10 minutes. Evacuate and let air dry. Repeat the next day if persistent. (note: two days of treatment max is enough to adjust the worst ear infections of my son).

Decline of Christianity and return of paganism (idolatry of flesh, accumulation of useless goods, selfishness, lack of kindness, disputes for high ranks, atheists, excessive esteem of images; and the consequence, bad thoughts, demonic possession, psychological disorders, anxiety, fear of devil and prey of demons, lack of behavior rule, isolation, perdition).

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