These historical narratives of notorious authors date back to a period so remote that they could be confused with legends. Apart from the outlines in Genesis, there are only the scrolls of the Dead Sea which throw a first light on a long hidden time, about the fallen angels and their corrupted offspring, and the judgment announced by Henoc the scribe.


These ancient scriptures and scrolls constitute a set of sacred literature from before J-C, they were found in the archaeological sites of Qumran (Judea 1947), Nag Hammadi (Lower Egypt 1945), and Abyssinia (Bruce 1774), and now listed in the Libraries of Armenia (Matenadaran), Russia (St. Petersburg), England (British Museum), Italy (Vatican City), France (Paris).

All that believed were together and had all things common

SETH | the conflict of Adam and Eve

or The Book of Adam and Eve, transl. (Geez, Gadla Adan wa Hewan), rev. Malan 1882 (link)

In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost - One God, we begin with the help of God, to whom be glory, the writing of the Conflict of Adam and Eve that befell down after they had come out of the Garden, while they dwelt in the Cave of Treasures by command of our Creator God.

    | The 223 days against satan
    | The great 5½ days
    | Gold, frankincense and myrrh
    | Cain, Abel and Seth
    | The cave of the treasures of the holy mountain
    | satan and his armies in the form of humans, angels, young girls
    | The corruption
    | Division of the Earth
    | Melchisedec
    | Lineage of the Prophets to Abraham
    | Lineage of Abraham to Jesus
    | Completion of the days
    | Bibliography

ENOCH | the Book of Enoch

(1Enoch or Enoch Ethiopian) transl. (from Geez) by prof. Dillmann 1893 (link),
integrated with The Book of the Secrets of Enoch (2Enoch or Enoch Slave)
transl. (from Russian, Bulgarian, Serbian) by prof. Morfill 1896 (link).

  • Book of the Watchers
  • Book of the three Parables
  • Book of the Luminaries
  • Book of the visions
  • Book of laws of Enoch
  • Book of Noah   

The Apocrypha of our era 1st century participate in the earliest writings of the Messianic doctrine, based on the 1st church of the Apostles founded in Jerusalem, and the end of animals sacrifices expiators of sin, which replaces the only sacrifice of Jesus.

Written by the disciples who accompanied the Apostles out of Palestine, these stories, which acts are so wonderful and strange, dispel any uncertainty about the Messianic teachings.

THOMAS | the Gospels of Thomas

with the Acts of Apostles (in Asia)
According to manuscripts and fragments in Arabic, Geez, Coptic, Greek, Latin, Syriac, French. In English, The Gospel of the Infancy of Jesus, Acts of the Apostles, Acts ¦ Gospel ¦ Apocalypse ¦ of Thomas

  • The Gospel of the Infancy
  • Acts of Apostles in Asia
    | Cephas and Tadeh in Syria
       Tadeh in Edessa. Helena of Adiabene.
    | Cephas and Philip in Assakia
    | Philip and Mariam
    | Andrew and Bartalmai in Azrianos
    | Andrew and Mateh at the Anthropophagi
    | Mateh in Kahanat
       Mateh in Myma
    | Andrew and Paul
    | Barnabi and Mark in Chypre
    | Jacob the-Just in Jerusalem
    | Jacob son of Zebede in Jerusalem
    | John in Asia minor
    | Thomas in India and Candace
    | Luke, Mark, Clement, John the-Baptist
  • Gospel of Thomas
    | Gospel of Mary of Magdala
  • Apocalypse of Thomas
    149 p.

BARNABI | the Sefer of Jesus

or Gospel of Barnabas
Revised according to the Qu'ran, Torah, Prophets and Apostles.
Annotated on the chronicles of Enoch, the Apostles, and Emmerich.

  • The Childbirth
  • The Kingdom
  • Prophethood
  • The Traitors
  • New Ieroushalaim
    165 p.

PATRIARCHES, PROPHETS, APOSTLEs | the apocalypses Apocrypha

According to manuscripts and fragment in Geez, Coptic, French, G erman, Armenian, Irish, Russian, Slavonic, Hebrew.

  • Adam
  • Enoch
  • Noah
  • Abraham
  • Jacob
  • Moshe
  • David
  • Isaiah
  • Zephaniah
  • The Essene
  • Cephas
  • John
  • Paul
  • Thomas
    101 p.


Austria 1978. Transl. from German, Meine Erlebnisse mit Armen Seelen

In Bouddhism, the Purgatory and hell are called "Naraka". See, Eitel 1904, Hand book of Chinese Buddhism; being Sanskrit-Chinese dictionary with vocabularies of Buddhist terms (Chinese index by Takakuwa), p.105 (link)

BUDGE | The Mysteries of St John the divine

Coptic Apocrypha in The Dialect of Upper Egypt (1913) p. 241, British Museum Oriental Ms 7026.



THE HAGUE IINTERNATIONAL TRIBUNAL 2016 - Monsanto VS. Plaintiffs (20) from South America, Africa, Asia, Europe, and witnesses/experts (30) from five continents: " - Ecocide does not exist as a recognised crime."

Full report of the hearings: (download)
The Hague Tribunal's Judge Tulkens interview (Le Monde): (link)

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