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I will choose you, one from a thousand and two from ten thousand, and they will stand as a single one (Thomas 23).

In a few months’ time, Eduardo Vasquez (priest of Philippine) was able to transform his parish into an urban gardening hub that people learn how to grow their own food in their own homes. it is possible to plant vegetables in an urban community or in your own home despite the absence of a backyard or a piece of land, he said. The urban gardening project, which he called “Project Grace,” started after the Philippine government imposed a lockdown in the national capital to stop the spread of the coronavirus in March. “During the lockdown, many poor families I visited complained that they have not enough food to eat or no money because they have lost their livelihood.”  The priest said he realized that during the pandemic and with the looming economic crisis “people need to go back to the basics and rely on what nature offers to survive.” Read more

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Avoid a corneal transplant: My mother's eyes had a severe deficiency or glaucoma that required a corneal transplant (or she would become blind the following year, as the doctor said). Seeing the date postponed at the hospital (two years before hospitalization), she treated her eyes with her grandmother's method and the problem completely resolved (it only remained a minor cataract). Boil water, remove from heat, add a handful of salt, keep eyelids open over boiled water (three times a day, as long as you can handle the heat). My mother said it is painful at first.

Treat dizziness: This was a problem with my liver (overloaded). I stopped coffee and sugar consumption and drink filtered water (or distilled water). My dizziness stopped and I need no more surgery (sinceit was as diagnosed a problem with the ear).

Treat otitis: Pour three drops of hydrogen peroxide or peroxide into the ear. Leave on for 10 minutes. Evacuate and let air dry. Repeat the next day if persistent (two times in two days is sufficient for the worst ear infection in my children).

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