SETH | Conflict of Adam and Eve

or The Book of Adam and Eve, transl. (Geez, Gadla Adan wa Hewan), rev. Malan 1882 (link)

ENOCH | The Book of Enoch

or 1Enoch transl. (Geez) by prof. Dillmann 1893 (link), integrated with The Book of the Secrets of Enoch (2Enoch) transl. (Slave) by prof. Morfill 1896 (link).

THOMAS | The Gospels of Thomas

with the Acts of Apostles (in Asia).
Contents: The Gospel of the Infancy | Acts of Apostles | Acts, Gospel, Apocalypse of Thomas.

BARNABI | The Sefer of Jesus

or Gospel of Barnabas.  
English 2018 revised according to the Qu'ran, Torah, Prophets and Apostles.
Italian 1709, Evangelio di Barnaba | English 1907, Gospel of Barnabas (Ragg)


Mss and fragments (Geez, Coptic, French, German, Armenian, Irish, Russian, Slavonic, Hebrew) from the revelations of Adam, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Jacob, Moshe, David, Isaiah, Zephaniah, the Essene, Cephas Peter, John, Paul, Thomas.

I like each peaceful religion (Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Bouddhism)... but do not miss his revelation! w/ English subtitles :-) God bless!

Hebrew-English Bible: link
Torah and Haftarah portions for shabat: link | Full Kriyat: link
Testament Pseudepigrapha ( link
Fr - Lexique biblique (étymologie): link
Geez - Work of Dillmann : link
Latin - Vulgatæ Editionis : link
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